Woman Rapes Her Own Children Aged 3 To 8 And Also Films The Horrific Act

Amber Brewer and her boyfriend Bill Sheeley also filmed themselves raping her kids.

Trigger warning: This report contains details of the rape of minors that readers may find disturbing

A woman from Ohio has been sentenced to prison for reportedly raping four children, including three of her own. Amber Brewer, 26, has been jailed after one of her victims told her that she will “never touch me again.” The incident occurred in Brown County, Ohio, with Brewer sentenced to life imprisonment in September after she pleaded guilty to sexually abusing children, reports WKRC. Detectives investigating the case revealed that Brewer proceeded to rape her children aged 3, 4, 6, and 8 respectively, along with her boyfriend Bill Sheeley, 47.

Mom jailed for life for filming herself raping kids aged 3, 4, 6, and 8 as victim says ‘you’ll never touch me again’ https://t.co/vjToKmPlys— Iam_FolukeDaramola (@FOLUKE_DARAMOLA) October 13, 2020

Speaking during a court hearing Zac Corbin, Brown County Prosecutor, argued in court and said: “I can tell you judge, without question, this is the worst offense I have seen in my entire career in the criminal justice system.” The lawyer also stated that the couple even filmed themselves raping her children and that they shared the clips with each other regularly. The couple would also discuss at length the abuse they subjected the children to. As per reports, Brewer was calm throughout the hearing and pleaded guilty four times to each of the counts she was charged with. During the hearing, the court also heard a letter written by one of Brewer’s victims, read by the child’s father.

Source: Brown County Sheriff’s Office

The letter read, “Why did you do what you did to me? I hate you for what you have done. I don’t love you anymore. I wish I could kick your butt to the sky so you could never ever come back and touch me again. You will never touch me again. Goodbye.” Presiding over the case, Judge Scott Gusweiler added: “The age of the victims are of severe concern to this court, the harm that was visited upon these victims cannot be fully fathomed and certainly cannot be understated. Getting your boyfriend to go ahead and violate these children along with you is reprehensible.”

Source: Brown County Sheriff’s Office

The judge ruled that Brewer would face four consecutive life sentences without the possibility of early parole. Another report from The Ripley Bee pointed out that Sheeley tried to kill himself three times while in jail after he and his girlfriend were arrested back in May. Although Sheeley’s attorney argued that he was insane to stand trial, the judge slapped away the appeal as he found him competent to stand trial. Speaking during the sentencing hearing, a Brown County Sheriff’s Office detective said that the woman was “very open and willing to admit to what she did” as per WXIX-TV. She had reportedly spoken to the detective and shared, “she always had fantasies about doing these types of sexual things with small children and Bill shared her desires.”

Mom jailed for life for filming herself raping four young kids – three of which were her own https://t.co/9bsCTYTFme— The US Sun (@TheSunUS) October 13, 2020

However, Sheeley gave a slightly different account of himself and said he had never imagined doing such acts with children till the time “Amber came along, and then his fantasy became a reality for him.” Sheeley was indicted on a total of 29 charges, which included rape and sexual conduct with an animal. During the sentencing, Corbin shared how the police were tipped off about the crimes and said the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Internet Crimes Against Children task force were instrumental in finding the culprits. “These agencies will sometimes identify child pornography materials and link them to Brown County. They flagged a couple of images and worked back through the IP addresses and linked them to a couple of accounts belonging to Brewer and Sheeley,” Corbin shared. “That led them to some online communications where these materials were being sent back and forth.”

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