Teen Can’t Afford Dream Dress, So Her Prom Date Teaches Himself How To Make It From Scratch

Addi Rust found her dream prom dress, but it was way too expensive and she just couldn’t afford it. The big night was just months away and the Indiana teen still didn’t know what she was going to wear.

Unsure of what to do about her outfit, Addi joked about it with her prom date, Parker Smith.

“Parker, why don’t you just make my prom dress!” she playfully asked.

But here’s the thing: Addi never expected that Parker, a high school junior, would actually attempt to make a dress for her — despite the fact he didn’t know how to sew a single stitch!

Parker spent months teaching himself to sew, with some assistance from his grandmother. He worked tirelessly on perfecting the gown, making it and remaking it until it was just right.

He was still adding the finishing touches the night before the dance.

Addi had an idea of what the dress would look like throughout the entire process, but she was brought to tears when Parker unveiled it in all its Cinderella-esque glory.

The finished result left her absolutely speechless. And she wasn’t the only one.