Study finds losing a pet is as hard as losing a family member

Unless you are the “parent” of a sweet fur baby, you can’t possibly know the bond that exists; for so many, the family pet is cared for and loved like any other child- some people even dress up their babies and have birthday parties complete with birthday cakes! (Hmmm, that might be too far.)

So it will come as no surprise to some that a new poll has proved the connection between pets and owners is as strong as it seems. It seems that humans are just as traumatized by the death of a pet, as they are after the death of a human family member.

For the study, more than 2,000 adults were asked about their relationships with animals, and 63 percent of them admitted they were emotionally attached to their furry companions. (This explains the #DogsOfInstagram!)

Therefore, the death of a pet is a distressing time for the entire family- especially women, as 71 percent report that the death of a family animal is just as devastating as a relative (55 percent of men polled admit they were equally devastated).

I dearly loved my Pye girl and miss her everyday. Pets are a special blessing. Love them while you have them.

Source: AOL