Stop Letting Your Fruit Go Bad And Learn These 10 Freezing Tips

Summer is very quickly approaching, which means delicious fruits are ripe for the picking and ready for the eating. If you’re like us and think there is nothing better than a bowl of fresh fruit, then this article is for you. This also probably means that there is nothing more disappointing than seeing your delicious fruit go bad because you couldn’t eat it in time. We have fantastic news for you though, you can actually freeze your fruit without having to worry about it going bad. Here’s how! COMMENT and tell us what you think of these tips.

Freezing fruit is such a brilliant idea, you’d be crazy not to! But why is it such a good idea, you ask?

1. You can freeze fruit to use in your smoothies later!

2. Plus you can buy fruit while it’s in season, freeze it, and enjoy it months after it’s gone out of season!

It’s the perfect crime! 

3. No matter what fruit you plan on freezing, be sure to wash everything thoroughly first. You never know what kinds of bacteria have been left behind!

4. Remember that there are pretty much endless possibilities as to what you can freeze. You’re options don’t stop at berries! Consider freezing bananas, apples, kiwi, oranges, melons… the list goes on!

5. There’s more to freezing fruit than just throwing it in the freezer. A little bit of prep involved. Make sure you remove the stems, skin, or insides of fruit that you don’t want to be eating.

It’s definitely easier to do at room temperature.

6. Make sure you rinse and then pat dry your fruit, and then spread them out on a cookie sheet. Make sure the fruits are separated and not touching each other. After that, pop them in the freezer for a few hours.

7. Once you’ve frozen the fruit, you can then transfer it to a Ziploc bag or Tupperware container for safe keeping in your freezer.

8. The good news is the fruit stays fresh in your freezer for months! So feel free to stock up on the best fruit deals you can find without worrying about wasted food.

9. There are a few fruits you can’t just wash and freeze. When cutting up a peach, make sure you follow this method!

Cut a shallow “x” on the bottom of your peach, and dip in boiling water for 30 seconds. Immediately move the peach to an ice bath, and remove when it’s cool enough to handle. You can then easily cut up the peach and freeze it until you’re ready to eat it!

10. You can also use the same technique on plums and nectarines!

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