Rare Rose With Red-And-White Petals ‘Are Not A Scam’ But Notoriously Difficult To Grow

It might take the poetry of a writer of Shakespeare’s renown to describe the beauty of one rose in particular, the Osiria rose.

Reimer Kordes first created this hybrid rose by crossing Hybrid Perpetuals with Tea roses in Germany during the ’70s. Since then, it’s made a name for itself as one of the world’s most eye-catching flowers.

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The Osiria is one of the most remarkable species of rose because of its blend of white and red petals. Whether you intend to plant them in your garden or just give a dozen to your sweetheart, the distinct white and red petals make the Osiria rose a very eye-catching flower. 

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The Osiria rose was first developed by Reimer Kordes in 1978, according to Interflora. However, the roses received their Osiria name after they were imported into France by Willemse France. The roses themselves have two tones, and they flower from the summer to the fall with a maximum height of 180 cm or nearly six feet tall, according to Interflora.

On the outside, the petals are a cherry red while the inside petals are white. The most perfect examples of Osiria roses have a swirl of red and white petals. The flower itself also has a reputation for having a strong fragrance.

Although rare and expensive, many florists in the United States also carry the Orisira rose, where it is often mistook as a fake for its unusual appearance. The Osiria rose has been a highly in demand flower since photos of it began making their way around social media platforms a couple of years ago, according to My Modern Met, though many of those photos seemed to be highly photoshopped. 

The rose was given its namesake after the legendary empire of Osiria, according to Stan V. Griep of the American Rose Society. Like Atlantis, the myth of Osiria states that it sunk beneath the ocean long before recorded history. In his article, Griep adds that the name was chosen for the enticing nature of the myth of Osiria, which closely matched the beauty and mystery of the Osiria rose.

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Continuing his assessment of the Osiria, Griep cautions homeowners about planting Osiria roses in their gardens. Griep explains that oftentimes, gardeners are taken aback at how the color of Osiria roses in their garden look different from pictures found on the internet. Elaborating, Griep encourages people to plant Osiria roses, but to manage their color expectations.

In the end, the Osiria rose is a tribute to the beauty of nature and the ingenuity of modern science. Through hybridization processes, florists have been able to create a truly marvelous flower that encompasses a mix of two distinct colors.

What do you think of the Osiria rose? Have you seen any available at your florist? What flowers do you plan on planting in your garden this spring? Let us know and pass the information about this rare rose on to your friends, family members and fellow plant admirers.