Preemie Found In Plastic Bag With Maggot-Infested Head Wound Made A Miraculous Recovery

On March 29th this year, a little girl was found in a plastic bag tied up to a tree after a man heard her cries in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam.

According to Straitstimes, the babe was sunburnt due to being exposed to the sun for days, had been bitten by mosquitos, and had a maggot-infested injury on her head.

Greetings to all, I am Venerable Minh Tai (abbot of Hue Quang Pagoda). If anyone would like to contribute to baby Hoai…

Posted by Chùa Huệ Quang on Sunday, April 28, 2019

The baby girl was reportedly tied to a coffee tree when she was found by a coffee farmer, who immediately took her to the nearest hospital.

The baby, who was later named Trieu Hoai An, was diagnosed with hydranencephaly, a rare condition which affects the central nervous system. The disorder includes symptoms such as an enlarged head, spasm or seizures, paralysis, blindness and fluid in the brain. Doctors gave her a year to live.

Fortunately for Hoai An, Venerable Minh Tai, who is the abbess of the Hue Quang Pagoda, caught wind of the baby’s story and knew she had to help. Minh Tai is well-known for her charitable efforts in the region.

“When I first saw her, my heart ached when I imagined the pain and suffering she endured, and tears started flowing from my eyes. I could not believe that a parent would do this to their own child,” Vunerable Minh Tai told CNA.

“All I could think of was finding a way to save her life, no matter the cost.”

Hoai An was eventually transferred to Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital, which was more equipped to deal with her condition. Vulnerable Minh Tai then reached out on Social Media to plead the public to help her raise funds for Hoai An’s medical costs. She eventually managed to raise $25,000.

Little Hoai was fighting for her life and reportedly had dangerous levels of fluid built up in her brain.

She had multiple health problems, including dangerous levels of fluid building up in her brain. Nevertheless, doctors are doing all they can to restore her to health. But the doctors didn’t write her off at that point. After two weeks at the hospital, the little girl started recovering to the surprise of the doctors.

Venerable Minh Tai told the press:

“She’s grown chubbier and her voice has grown louder, she’s a beautiful girl and very lucky. When she came in she was dehydrated.

Baby Hoai-An is going home!After months of care and recovery, baby Trieu Hoai An’s principal surgeon, Dr Tang Kok Kee,…

Posted by Mount Elizabeth Hospital on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The hospital staff of Mount Elisabeth Hospital even got together to throw her a party marking her first month. After months of care and recovery, she was discharged recently.

We hope for all the best for little Hoai. Have you ever heard of such a tragic story of abandonment? Let us know in the comments – and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family.