People are recycling their old glassware into garden mushrooms

Are you already thinking of spring and outdoor projects? If you already started spring cleaning and found some old glassware don’t throw them away just yet. People are now putting old glass decor pieces and serving pieces in their gardens to create glass garden mushrooms! It’s a great way to reuse old glassware and create unique decoration elements in your garden.

Photo : WeAreMomo

All you have to do to create the glass mushrooms is to use all-purpose super glue and join the base of a glass vase to the inside of a glass bowl. Repeat the process with different glassware and you’ll have a stunning garden glass mushroom!

Photo : WeAreMomo

You can use different colors or glassware to create your glass garden!

Photo : Hometalk
Photo : Fleamarket Gardening

They create such a unique crystal look in a garden.

Photo : Silk Purse Original

What do you think of this colorful glass garden?

This photo of High Hand Nursery is courtesy of TripAdvisor

What do you think of this idea? Will you be trying it in your garden?