Paint little stones to make pretty garden decorations

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During summer vacation take the time to find beautiful flat stones with a smooth surface. And paint them, with or without children. You can then use them to decorate your garden!

You will need:

– A scrubbing brush

– Water and dish soap

– A primer

– Paint (Patio Paint brand)

– Mat, semi-gloss or gloss varnish, from the Patio Paint brand

– (optional) paint pens to make details, in white and / or black.

– Paint brushes

– Sharpies permanent markers

How to do:

1) To paint stones, make sure to clean the stones with the soapy water and the scrubbing brush to remove any dirts.

2) Some models below will require a coat of paint primer. But a paint primer is a preparatory coating put on materials before painting. Priming ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface. Then you will be able to use the Patio Paint that you already have. A white layer for example. Or black, for the Mandalas.

3) Then you will be able to paint the patterns of your choice

4) Use paint pens to write the messages of your choice

5) Apply at least 2 coats of Patio Paint Outdoor Acrylic to protect your stones from the weather.

Source: craftsbyamanda.com

Here are the 30 best ideas of garden decorations to do with painted stones:

1) In only two colors, these stones seem to come from another era!

Source: creativejewishmom.com

2) Use your favorite colors!

Source: prudentpennypincher.com

3) Have you ever seen such cute owls? The Sharpie with a fine point is indispensable here!

Source: inspirebohemia.com

4) Kids love funny monsters! Glue small, googly eyes with super glue (Krazy glue)

Source: wonderfuldiy.com

5) Do you like Mandalas? And why not make Mandalas on stones with Sharpies with fine point? Sharpie with a fine point and a white paint pen are indispensable here!

Source: designspiration.net

6) These have a bohemian or hippie style! They are so pretty!

Source: redbowstudio.blogspot.co.id

7) Assemble stones to represent all the members of your family!

Source: ideesdecoration.net

8) Make baskets to grow your favorite flowers!

Source: ideesdecoration.net

9) Paint a lot of animals, for your children!

Source: emelisahealingarts.com

10) Or if you are very good at painting, let your imagination run wild!

Source: linwellford.com

11) Add some ladybugs in your garden! You will smile every time you will see them …

Source: passengersonalittlespaceship.blogspot.co.id

12) Make a Tic Tac Toe for the garden. It will always be there, available for anyone who wants to use it.

Source: colormadehappy.com

13) Paint a dog and a cat that look like your pets

Source: frugalfun4boys.com

14) Or paint your favorite Super Heroes!

Source: frugalfun4boys.com

15) R2D2 and C-3PO

Source: frugalfun4boys.com

16) Or the Minions!

Source: frugalfun4boys.com

17) We should not forget the emoticons … They are now part of our lives, whether we like it or not!

Source: FeltMagnet.com

18) The Angry Birds!

Source: Thewhoot.com

19) Haaaa it’s beautiful! Colorful Mandalas ….!

Source: Kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

20) Add dragonflies to your Mandalas!

Source: pinterest.es

21) Paint goldfish in a pond and add stones! It’s a wonderful idea!

Source: Kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

22) Change the style of stones and paint fairy houses to make a village!

Source: Modpodgerocksblog.com

23) Add colorful ladybugs !

Source: kadinvekadin.net

24) Let your imagination run wild … !

Source: colorful-crafts.com

25) Create Sugar Skulls!

Source: pinterest.com

26) Hahahahaha! The children will find it very funny to see little eyes watching them through the bushes!

Source: colorful-crafts.com

27) They’re here for the Rock Concert!

Source: ideesdecoration.net

28) Easily find your strawberries in the fields 😉

Source: ideesdecoration.net

29) Add cacti on your picnic table!

Source: ideesdecoration.net

30) And finally, paint beautiful caterpillars to decorate the less beautiful parts of your garden!

Source: ideesdecoration.net

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