More And More Women Want Men To Stop Opening Doors For Them

One woman wants men to stop performing a common courtesy. It is common knowledge that in America, real men hold doors for other people. They say “thank you” and “please” and they are courteous to the fairer sex. But one woman, Katie, decided to put chivalry into the grave and put an end to all the nice things men are expected to do for women – simply because they are women.

“Dear Men,” Katie wrote. “Stop holding the door open for Women when entering a store. This implies that you believe Women are incapable of doing things for themselves & that you view them as incompetent. This can be compared to bucking the seat belt of a toddler or putting a leash on a dog.”

Her comments rocked social media. A gulf split wide open and separated people onto two islands. On the one hand, there were hundreds of people who agreed with Katie’s sentiment and wished that men would just stop doing nice things like this for women – simply because they are women. But on the other side of the divide, people feared that if chivalrousness went the way of the dinosaurs, America would fall into ruin.

Here are some of the heated comments that went viral after Katie shook things up with her controversial opinion.

“Dear Katie,” a woman tweeted. I am a woman. I often hold doors open for people and like it when they offer me the same courtesy. I see it as a courtesy and human decency, not patronizing. Please don’t presume to speak for all women. Dear men: please ignore this rude woman.”

Other people, including the following two men, lashed out at Katie.

“Dear Katie, you are wrong. Men DO NOT hold doors open for women because we think you’re not able to think for yourselves. We hold the door open because we were taught manners as children. I was brought up by a wonderful woman who taught me to respect women and my elders.”

Another man, David Perlmutter, tweeted: “Dear Katie, I’ve just come back from a #bookshop on #BookshopDay, and I was with my 11-year-old daughter. I always hold the door open for women, men, and kids as that’s how I was bought up, and I’m passing those manners onto my children.”

A woman, Claire, agreed with these men and shared her comment on October 3, 2020.

“I always appreciate someone holding the door open for me, male or female. I always extend the same courtesy. It is called manners.”

Jamie Stewart wrote, “I once held a door open for a visitor to my college because she looked lost and needed something nice to happen to cheer her up. She tore a strip off me for being sexist. We cannot always determine motivations. And I still open doors to EVERYONE.”

Veronica wrote, “(If) I see a man or woman, and I hold the door. It always tickles me when there is an inner door too, and then they hold it for me. I say swapsies in my head and keep it moving.”

Do you hold doors open for people, or do you think it is sexist?