Mom Screams As She Watches Cop Bring Her 3-Week-Old Baby Back To Life

One second your baby is peacefully nestled in your arms, suckling away at a bottle and slowly drifting away toward slumber. The next second you frighteningly realize your baby has gone limp and is lifeless, unable to breathe.

In that moment, panic kicks in. Even if you’ve taken infant CPR and first aid classes, that important lifesaving knowledge has to flood your brain and rational thinking must take over.

The Heimlich maneuver is used when individuals are choking. The process is different for infants and wee ones compared to adults.

Not everyone is knowledgeable in this lifesaving technique, but thankfully, Sterling Heights Police Officer Cameron Maciejewski is.

A call came into the 911 dispatch center alerting officers on duty of a choking baby. Officer Maciejewski happened to be closest to the home and raced over.

As he zoomed up to the home, lights flashing and sirens blaring, the baby’s mother sprints outside clutching the baby.

She tearfully thrusts the baby at the officer as he hustles out of the squad car.

Other family members poured out of the home onto the front lawn in the hopes the officer would save the three-week-old baby’s life. She choked on something and became unresponsive.

Officer Maciejewski admirably retained all composure and like a true hero and police officer embroiled in a frightening situation, calming received the baby and flipped her onto her stomach to perform thrusts and dislodge whatever was choking her.

Thankfully, it worked and the baby regained consciousness.

“(S)He’s still blinking. (S)He’s blinking. Okay, hold on. Hold on. Yup, there you go. Okay. He’s crying, (s)he’s crying. Okay. (S)He’s crying. Hey, it’s okay, (s)he’s crying … I can see that she’s got a pulse and she’s breathing, okay?”

When she realized her baby was breathing again, the mother collapsed to the ground in tears, relief washing over her.

h/t: SpotlightStories