This Mom Nails It When She Says Your Kids Shouldn’t Be Your Entire World

I don’t often have chances to go out on MNO’s (otherwise known as mom’s night out), but when I do, trust me that I take full advantage of it. In fact, I’ll even come home late enough so my husband/mother/or even babysitter can put the kids to sleep so I can crash on the couch in post night-out bliss that can only be enjoyed with a glass of wine in my hand along with some of my favorite Netflix and Amazon Prime shows until I fall asleep. Ah… you’d think I were single and in college again, ha!

We all know that time away is important, but one blogger’s views on MNO has gone viral — do you agree with what she says?

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Everyone deserves an MNO.


Mom and Kids
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According to Cosmopolitan, Liz Kay is reminding us once again that we are more than just mothers – we are women with needs, women who value their time with their girlfriends, and women who absolutely need to hang out with other people somewhere other than the park talking about diapers and breastfeeding.


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Because whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, let’s face it: balancing motherhood with your career and even YOURSELF is no easy feat.

It can be hard enough each day to make sure you’re doing all the things you need to do to keep you alive and it’s more complicated when you have children who need your attention at every single moment.


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She writes, “Once in awhile, I’d encounter women who seemed a little louder, a little smarter, maybe just a little freer than the rest. They had a spark to them, like they’d figured out the game and knew which parts were crap.

Adding, “They’d remind me of all the other girls that have ever pulled me back toward sanity, the girls who got me through the horrible boyfriends, the dumb first jobs, the fights I had with my parents over what in the hell I was doing wasting all that potential.”


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“How many problems did I get through by splitting half a bottle of whiskey with my best friend while I considered all the ways of getting out of my life?” she questions.

“Because the truth is that confessing to another woman how often you think about driving off a bridge is probably the fastest way to save your own life, not because she’ll talk you out of it, but because she’ll say, “Oh god, yeah, me too.” It’s the loneliness of not being able to say it that just might kill you.”

We Need Girlfriends

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“And the truth is that we need women, we need girlfriends, and we need the kind of girlfriends who don’t care about all the stupid rules that dictate how to do everything right. They’ll pour the whiskey, they’ll buy the once-a-year pack of smokes. They’ll bring a cake on your birthday and make you eat it even if you are mostly avoiding gluten and sugar, but life is sad without gluten and sugar, and they know that. We all do.”

The Perfect Mother

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“The women in my life don’t care if I’m a perfect mother. They don’t care if I think good thoughts and they frankly prefer it when I don’t. There is a text thread pretty much constantly running on my phone that is so full of profanity that I hesitate to leave my phone lying out anywhere face-up. I have good friends. I have lovely friends. I have the kind of friends who will let me say whatever I need to.”

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