Mom ‘Goes Off’ On Handler For Refusing To Let Her Daughter Pet Service Dog

A video of an angry mother has surfaced the internet and has faced major scrutiny and public backlash after she had been seen raging angrily at a service dog handler, who had refused her daughter’s request to pet her dog.

The video had been filmed on December 19, where the owner of the service dog, Megan Stoff and her golden retriever, Nala, had been on a busy area near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s shopping mall when the mother and young daughter had come to their attention.

The mother had asked her if her younger daughter could pet the dog, however, was met with a polite refusal by Megan and a co-worker, as because service dogs are trained to keep still and petting a service dog could interfere with its training.

According to the report, it was then when allegedly the woman came back in a raging fit and started to scream and shout at Megan and her co-workers because of the incident.

Megan had begun to film the scenario, which aggravated the woman even further, and since then the video footage has been watched and shared in social media for almost four million times.

According to the mother’s defense, she says: ‘That was definitely very rude how she talked to me. Firstly you should have a sign [saying not to touch the dog], and secondly she should not have said “no”, she could’ve said “sorry the dog is in training”, that would’ve been nicer.’

Megan then further insinuates that her dog Nala’s vest has the words ‘Please do not pet me I’m working’, along with ‘Do not touch’ and ‘Do not pet’ written on both sides of it.

She also says that “it’s illegal to ‘harass a service dog.”

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Jaxfeed