Man Sings To 10-Day-Old Donkey And Cradling Her To Sleep And I’m All About It

Cameras caught the adorable moment a man sings to a donkey as he rocks her to sleep. But the inspiring story behind this donkey rescue is just as precious as the video!

Thanks to Dawn Fagan, cameras were rolling as her husband, Dean, cradled 10-day-old donkey Ivy in his arms while singing the Burt Bacharach classic, “What The World Needs Now Is Love.”

The donkey foal is so relaxed. According to Dawn, Ivy just loves being rocked while having songs sung to her.

But this isn’t the only time where this man sings to a donkey!

WATCH: Man Sings ‘What The World Needs Now Is Love’ To Donkey

Dean Fagan discovered this unique talent after he and his wife Dawn became empty nesters. The husband and wife both work from their home in Ohio as recruiters for advertising executives on both the West and East coast.

With no more kids left to raise, the two ended up rescuing a mini-donkey named Mr. Donker Donks. And that’s when they discovered their special calling.

Rescuing donkeys became a passion for the couple. And with 67 acres of land, they continued adding more and more rescues to their crew.

“It just brings so much pleasure to Dawn and I,” Dean explained.

The couple’s offices look out over the pastures. So, they enjoy watching the donkeys run and play while the two tend to their day jobs. But in their spare time, including lunch breaks, Dean cares for the donkeys alongside his wife.

And oftentimes, that includes the man singing to a donkey or two!

WATCH: Man Sings To Donkey

“They make great pets,” Dean says of donkeys. “They love human attention.”

His wife added, “They are like dogs. They follow you around. Donkers comes in the house.”

The bond this couple shares with the animals they rescue is truly beautiful. And it’s so sweet to watch as this man sings to the donkeys.

But it’s also wonderful to see how the two strengthening their bond as a couple while running a sanctuary.

“We really enjoy each other’s company,” Dean explains. “We enjoy being together so having the responsibilities of the donkeys to us it’s fun.”

And while the two admit running a donkey rescue probably isn’t for everyone, they are hopeful that their story will inspire other empty nesters to discover their own adventure!

“Just do what makes you happy,” Dawn Fagan advises. “I mean you only have so long, so make every day count.”

And that is very wise advice indeed!

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