Heart Wrenching Moment As Mom Throws Newborn Out Of Window Just Minutes After Giving Birth

In one of the most heart wrenching stories ever, a mother from Queens threw her newborn baby out of the window, just after her delivery.

Authorities found the newborn infant, lying helpless outside a Queens home on Sunday. That’s when the officials confirmed how a heartless mother did the unthinkable, after giving birth from her residence.

Police sources confirmed that the baby came from the mother’s bathroom window, leaving neighbors and officers shocked beyond belief.

Meanwhile, the little baby suffered from hypothermia while laying in a critical condition. Thankfully, it was rushed to the hospital on time, and is now in a stable condition. Officers explained how they found the child with its umbilical cord still attached. And that’s when they confirmed how the gut wrenching incident took place in the Southern Ozone Park district of Queens, around 10:15am.

Paramedics rushed the little infant to Cohen’s Children Medical Center.

As far as investigations are concerned, they’re still in the initial phase. However, investigators did come to the conclusion that the 23-year-old mother gave birth in her bathtub. Soon, she picked up the little infant and threw it from her bathroom window. For this reason, she even underwent psychological evaluations at the hospital.

Police sources confirm how the mother received a total of 7 criminal charges. They included attempted murder, assault and physical evidence tampering. Similarly, other charges included attempted manslaughter, child abandonment, reckless endangerment, and behavior that aimed to injure the child.

On the other hand, a neighbor present next door to the 23-year-old answered questions by authorities. She says that she knew the mother but she had no idea that she was going through a pregnancy. She went on to add how she wasn’t aware of any husband in the whole picture.

The infant lay helplessly, shivering outside with its umbilical cord still attached. It yearned for its mother, who spent 9 months growing it to this day. Therefore, it seems like this is another sad example of the cruel world that exists.