Hallmark Channel: A Test to Prevent Unnecessary Vaccines (in your pets!)

Learn how you can give your dog a quick cheap test to check out their immunity.

This is rich.  Hallmark Channel is talking about how common it is to over vaccinate your dog (and cat)   This doctor talks about how vaccines are often given too frequently and dogs can become “very sick very quickly”  from vaccines  (especially if they have an autoimmune disorders cancer or other health challenges)

Prevent Unnecessary Vaccines

They did the “vacci-check” test for a mere 50 dollars  and it turns out Cardiff the dog (who would ordinarily be up for his yearly vaccines)  had sufficient antibodies and would have just been over vaccinated like so many dogs and cats.  Gee, I wonder about humans on our current schedule.  The doctor explains that this inexpensive test  saves money (less than getting those vaccines ) and (the vet says)  can  potentially save many “thousands of dollars” (and headache) for treatment for  “adverse vaccine reactions” that dogs can have from being over vaccinated – even on the “normal current schedule”

How ironic that we are developing tests and our pets’ vets are giving them in office for 50 bucks so we don’t over vaccinate Fido or Lucky, yet experts have said that yes, Virginia we DO over vaccinate our own children.


You can get Erin’s book here for free and watch a short documentary  on how she overcame over vaccine injuries, Lyme disease, a significant weight gain and much more.