Elderly Woman Shares Message On ‘Turning Your Battlefield Into A Blessing’ – Staff Picks

One Godly woman is sharing a powerful message on turning your battlefield into a blessing. There’s no doubt that Esther Walker is an amazing woman of God. She enjoys sharing her love for the Lord and spreading His message for all to hear. Recently, we heard her inspiring words on ‘limiting God.’

Now, Esther is back with another message from the heart and it’s just as powerful as her last. Just listen as she explains how God can turn our battlefields into blessings. Everyone goes through struggles in their lives and it’s during these dark moments that we should remember that God is always by our side. The Lord will never abandon us and no matter what we must face, the strength of God is with us. “You may be going through trouble downs. It just worries you so. It’s making you sick and you’re so worried you don’t know what to do.” During these times, Esther reminds us of what God says. “God said ‘Trust me. Put it in my hands. Expect me to work. Let me turn this battle and this heartache and the sorrow into a blessing.’”

When we put our trust in God, the most amazing things can start to happen in our lives. This is such a great reminder of our Lord’s almighty power and grace. Esther is truly an inspiring and Godly woman. It is such a blessing to hear her share His words and spread His message of love with the world. I always look forward to hearing teachings like this. Who else wants to hear more of The Gospel from Esther Walker?