Cops raid a factory to find over 300,000 used condoms being cleaned and repackaged to be sold as brand new

A man in the province sells these used condoms and the factory buys them from him before repackaging them.

Shocking discoveries were made after the police investigated a factory upon receiving a tip from a local resident about the condoms that were supposedly being manufactured there.

Police officers found that the factory, located in the province of Binh Duong, in Vietnam, was recycling used condoms and then repackaging them, fooling customers into thinking the product is brand new. More than 300,000 used condoms were found by the police after the Vietnamese provincial market inspectors received information from the local resident about the unethical practices going on in the factory.

Police raid in Vietnam finds more than 300,000 used condoms being packed for resale https://t.co/wZhmpyqb1s— CBS News (@CBSNews) September 24, 2020

The state-owned Tuoi Tre newspaper reported that once the condoms were acquired, they were put through further processing to make them look like they were new, according to AP. The police officers discovered while conducting the raid that the factory was owned by a 34-year-old woman. She confessed that there was a man in the province who would sell used condoms, and her factory would purchase them from him before washing them and reshaping them. The contraceptives were then repackaged and sold off to unsuspecting customers, as reported by CBS News.

345,000 used condoms washed, dried & to be resold in southern Vietnam, those involved arrested https://t.co/1D1naRpL2a pic.twitter.com/99K8hdbOqB— Mothership.sg (@MothershipSG) September 24, 2020

Information reported by VTV also revealed that there was no clarity on whether the repackaged used condoms were already sold or not. Even after washing and other tactics used by the factory, the resold condoms could still pose a grave threat to the health of its users.

Although there are varying figures on the exact number of condoms discovered, CNN reported that about 345,000 used condoms were confiscated. People in Vietnam who tuned into the state-owned Vietnam Television (VTV) saw footage of a warehouse that had its floor covered with large bags, containing the condoms. All the bags together weighed a whooping 794 lbs (360 kilograms), the police revealed.

If you go to Vietnam, bring your own! Police seize 324,000 used condoms being washed and resold in raid on factory https://t.co/mRD0Jc1nTi— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) September 24, 2020

The factory owner resorted to such means to earn $0.17 for every 2.2 lbs (1 kilogram) of repackaged contraceptives, VTV reported.