Can You Over-Vaccinate your Pet?

If you are still vaccinating your pet(s) every year, and it’s at your vets request, it might be time to find a new vet. While annual vaccinations used to be recommended, standards have now changed and you could be doing damage to your furry family members.

After your dog or cat has had their initial vaccine series and booster shots (and it shouldn’t happen any earlier than nine weeks of age) the American Veterinary Medical Association, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, and the American Animal Hospital Association, say pets should only receive the traditional “core” vaccines: distemper, Parvovirus, and other common dog and cat diseases- every three years, not annually. However, as the video below will explain, that recommendation is NOT rooted in science. 

The truth is that getting core vaccines every year is over vaccination. It can cause a host of illnesses AND over-stimulate your pet’s immune system.

“Over-stimulation of the immune system can be problematic,” said Veterinarian Deborah Wolf. “There are (also) potentials for – especially in cats – injection site cancers. We want to protect them without over-stimulating the immune system, and running them down and creating new problems.”

So, if your vet is pushing for the same vaccines year after year- say no and ask why. If they aren’t even willing to follow the current guidelines, which aren’t based on science, that’s not a vet you need to see.


Source: KOMO News