Butterfly Lands On Baby’s Head And Opens Its Wings To Form Dazzling Hat

Two of the most wonderful images in nature are a baby and a butterfly. While you might not think of the two in conjunction with each other very often, it’s an absolutely wonderful image.

At the San Diego Zoo, the youngest member of a family had a magical experience courtesy of a friendly and curious butterfly.

The zoo is the perfect place to expose a young child, naturally curious about the world around them, to the wonders of nature. It allows you to get up-close with all kinds of creatures. However, it’s rare that one of them makes this kind of contact with you.

A butterfly passing through at the zoo needed to rest their wings. They found the ideal perching spot on the soft head of a baby.

Though the butterfly’s wings were typically closed, they would occasionally open to expose the stunning blue pattern. Staying on for around a minute, the butterfly delighted the parents and didn’t seem to bother the baby at all.

The baby girl might’ve not known what was going on, but she will be able to look back on this video when she’s older and feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings.

This video serves as a reminder of how the wonders of nature can come out when we least expect them to. This butterfly could’ve landed anywhere, but it chose this baby’s head for a reason.

These moments absolutely should not be taken for granted.

Nature is absolutely unpredictable which is what makes it so magical. What do you think of this baby and butterfly encounter? Show this to any family members or friends who love heartwarming stories involving humans and animals.