Amazing hack for parents, put Cheerios cereal in a blender to make edible sandpit!

It is well known that children just love to play in the sand and it makes an excellent sensory activity for babies! However, some parents might be concerned because babies tend to put everything in their mouth – including sand. One mom had a great idea on how to make a fun AND safe activity for her baby.

Elle Anna Christine (@elleannachristine) shared on TikTok her amazing hack : blend Cheerios cereals! The popular cereal is beige in color and look like real sand once blended! All she had to do next is put it in a tray and add some fun toys.

TikTok @elleannachristine

Her daughter seems so happy to play in her safe-sandpit.

TikTok @elleannachristine

Her genius idea quickly went viral and over 300,000 people shared and liked it! 

TikTok @elleannachristine

Watch it on TikTok: elleannachristine

What do you think of her idea?