37 Years Old Drunken Man Took His Dog’s Life by Kicking Her Over a 100 Times

Dogs are the most adorable creatures on the planet and they are the ones to give out the most love humans can ever have from another creature. But there are still some cruel humans around who do not care.

37 years old Matthew Benjamin who lives in Shirenewton, South Wales cruelly killed his 2 years old pooch who he had brought home just 5 weeks ago.


He was drunk and supposedly had kicked the poor dog over a hundred times causing him impeccable pain and misery and ultimately, death.

His housemate who was in the house at that hour of the night said that he had been drinking in the kitchen and when he came to the living room he saw that the dog had peed on the carpet.


He yelled at her about not peeing on the carpet and then his housemate said that he kicked the pup because the dog kept making noises and she was in terrible pain. The poor dog died for no fault of its own.

The doctors said that the dog had broken bones in head, shoulders and everywhere in the body. His head was not even there to see, it was almost gone.


At the court, Matthew Benjamin pleaded guilty to the cruel act he had performed which was unbelievably terrible. He has been punished with 17 months of jail time for killing the dog who had made no mistake in the charge of animal cruelty for a protected animal.

The authorities said that the man had been drunk and angry at the dog so he turned all aggressive and killed the innocent dog.


His housemate said that it was a lovely dog and it never did any harm to anyone. He had just been living in the house for 5 weeks and then was killed for no reason at all.

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